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Looking for a Special and Unusual Gift?
Present them with a piece of the past with our authentic, antique 19th Century maps and prints.These beautiful maps and prints make an extraordinary and thoughtful gift for almost any occasion. They are particularly appropriate for those holidays that celebrate a person's homeland or land of their ancestors. On the same pages possibly used by their ancestors, they can travel the roads of the past and visit the places from which their families came. An antique map or print is a personal and unique gift.

As a wedding present what better way to unite a couple from two different places then with a map of each of their home states or countries.

Some of the best ideas come from our customers. Lately, quite a few brides have chosen to give their new grooms a striking antique map to celebrate their first year of marriage. What a creative idea for the perfect paper anniversary present.

History aficionados can trace historic paths and visit favorite places, as they were more than 100 years ago.

Antique maps and prints make a wonderful present for that hard-to-buy-for individuals. For some reason men love old maps (just ask them and you'll see). So, give one to your Husband, Dad, Grandfather, or Uncle for a memorable gift. Many women are pleasantly surprised at the beauty of these fine works. Plus, we offer a wide variety of beautiful antique prints and engravings.

If you want to be sure that your gift is eaxctly what they want, give them a PastPresent Gallery Gift Certificate. Not only will you give them the perfect present, but they will likely enjoy exploring our collection of maps and prints.

So no matter what the occasion an antique map or print will be a present from the past that will be cherished for generations.

Click to View Framed Samples

All sizes shown are approximate. Matted maps or prints are smaller than the "matted" dimensions shown by about 6".

All of our authentic, more than 100-year old, maps and prints come double matted within museum quality, archival rag mat boards at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Due to the INCREDIBLY high shipping prices charged for OVERSIZE shipping, shipping charges may be higher than quoted for items that measure more than a total of 70" (matted height + width). For example a matted piece measuring 32" x 40" would be considered OVERSIZE (72"). For complete delivery information, see Information page.

All our authentic antiques are one-of-a-kind items. Since they are actual old works of art expect small imperfections. In some cases we may have more than one of a particular map or print. Since each is unique they may vary slightly from the item shown (when we have more than one if a particular item, the colors may be different than those shown). Each antique map or print has been dry cleaned by hand and are conservation mounted and protected in attractive rag mats. Every work in our gallery carries a lifetime guarantee of authenticity (authentic antiques only) and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee (see Information page for details). Again, the sizes stated are approximate.

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